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To prevent birds from roosting and nesting on beams; RSJ's, window ledges, signs, gutters, parapet walls, conduit, ledges and more 
is manufactured in the UK in a highly automated factory using state-of-the art robotic
technology. Installers are assured of consistency of quality and
supply. The wires are made from substantial 1.4mm diameter stainless steel, and are cut flat to prevent injury to both installer and birds.
The wires are insert-moulded into the base using a unique patented process, which improves durability. The UV protected polycarbonate base is 33.3cm in length and includes snap lines to allow the strips to be broken down into smaller sections.
With their unique Glue Guide, all the products in the AVIPOINT™ range are exceptionally easy to install. The Glue Guide allows the installer to apply the Avisil or Avifix adhesive quickly and easily to the base of the strip using a caulking gun. The guide keeps the glue exactly where it is needed - no mess, no excess. One tube of adhesive will install up to 15m of AVIPOINT™.
All the products in the AVIPOINT™ range are designed to stack closely inside each other. The stacks are easier to use on site than conventional bundles. This feature also minimises the amount of space needed to store and transport the spikes. Products are supplied in stacks of 15 strips, sufficient to treat up to 5m of ledge. The stacks also reduce the size of boxes required, thus saving on storage and transport costs. AVIPOINT™ is well protected as the boxes are double walled.
 Bird activity:
Pigeons - Daytime perching
Up to medium pressure areas
 Where to use:
Pipework and narrow ledges
 Protects area:
Up to 115mm
 Base width: 20mm
 Distance between wires: 50mm
 Height: 115mm
 Distance between outer spike tips: 50mm
 Bird activity:
Pigeons - Daytime perching and night time roosting
Up to heavy pressure areas
 Where to use:
Most building ledges
 Protects area:
Up to 205mm
 Base width: 45mm
 Distance between wires: 33mm
 Height: 129mm
 Distance between outer spike tips: 140mm
 $14.30 (per metre)
 Bird activity:
Pigeons - Daytime perching, night time roosting and some nesting areas
Starlings - Daytime perching and night time roosting. Place at least three strips together with wires overlapping
Heavy pressure areas
 Where to use:
Most building ledges
 Protects area:
Up to 265mm
 Base width: 45mm
 Distance between wires: 21mm
 Height: 139mm
 Distance between outer spike tips: 200mm



For use with a caulking gun, this is a professional product that cannot be found in DIY shops. Avisil is vastly superior to ordinary clear DIY silicone due to it’s ease of application, it stays permanently elastic after curing, it’s wide temperature resistance and it’s UV resistance.
A clear, high quality, neutral-curing silicone adhesive, Avisil is recommended for use where the surface is dry. It offers excellent adhesion on most building materials. One tube (310ml) of Avisil can install up to 15m of Avipoint.
Avifix High Tack
For use with a caulking gun, this is a professional product that is superior to general purpose high tack adhesives, found in DIY shops. This is due to it’s flexible elastic rubber movement, which accommodates up to 20%, and because it gives primerless adhesion even on damp surfaces.


Ph: 9618 5533
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